Mint Age

In the Mint Age, players have a limited amount of time to sign up for the arena. Entry into this dynamic environment requires fighters to pay a mint fee, which consists of signup fee, killing fee, and minimum of 15% revenue fee. All signup fees are added up to the grand prize for the last survivor. That adds an element of risk and excitement to the proceedings. The signup is first-come-first-serve basis and players can’t sign up anymore if the maximum number of NFTs reaches the limit set by the Organizer.

To prevent the incident of domination by masses or gang-up, each wallet can only mint up to 3 fighter NFTs. Each NFT consists of 4 different stats HP, Attack, Speed, and Shield, which are randomized onchain. If a player is unhappy with one of the NFTs, the player can retreat the NFT by burning it and mint another one. Please note that burning the existing NFT does not give any refund to minimize the RNG manipulation.

During this Mint Age, players can boost up defense of their NFTs via buying Shield for them. The number of Shield, which can be bought, and the cost of Shield increases a minimum of one fold for each time buying is set by the Organizers. Such configurations are to limit the natural advantage of whales.

Besides all the flurry of activity above, players can interact with each other via onchain chat, form alliances, and engage in last minute strategizing. As the countdown to battle begins, tensions rise, and players prepare to unleash their skills and strategies in the ultimate test of survival and dominance.

For details of NFT stats, please see NFT.

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