Battle Age

Once the clock from the Mint Age runs out, the Battle phase unfolds with relentless intensity, as fighters look for the kills and target the grand prize. Any fighters, whose HP goes to zero, get eliminated from the arena.

The battle goes by turn which lasts a minimum of 5 minutes each. The specific time for each turn is set by the Organizer when the arena is initiated. In each turn, each fighter is able to move, to attack adjacent fighters, to purchase HP potion, and shields to increase the survival chance. All the fees from potions and shields are added to the grand prize.

Adding the excitement to the battle, the arena releases toxic gas near the walls once the Battle phase starts. It gets thicker and covers more areas as the number of turns increases. The area outside the circle is called the Boundary. Any fighters standing in the Boundary would have their HP deducted by each turn.

Besides the Boundary, the arena allows any viewers to activate the Disaster with a small fee. A bomb will be dropped randomly to a fighter in the arena. The bomb also blasts 1 tile surrounding the location of the victim. Any fighters in the Disaster area would get their HP deducted.

The last fighter standing in the arena is the winner and has the right to claim the grand prize.

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