Move, Attack & Eliminate

Each Hooman NFT can move a minimum of 3 tiles each turn. Specific number of movements is determined by the Organizer. Once your NFT is adjacent to another, you can initiate the attack against any selected adjacent NFT.

Once the attack starts, each NFT attacks each other once. The NFT that has higher Speed strikes first. HP will be deducted during the attack and NFTs will carry the remaining HP. The NFT that has HP reaching 0 will be eliminated and cannot perform its attack.

The Attack formula is as following:

HP(i)=HP(i1)[ATK(enemy)Shield]HP(i) =HP(i-1) -[ATK(enemy)-Shield]

The attack initiation of each NFT is independent. It means that after NFT A initiates the attack against NFT B, the NFT B is still able to initiate the attack against NFT A in the same turn.

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