There are 2 items that players can purchase in the battle to increase the survivability, HP Potion and Shield.

The Item cost consists of 3 elements: base fee and incremental percentage. The formula is as following:

For example:

Let’s say the base fee for HP Potion is 0.005 ETH and incremental percentage is 50%. The cost for each time purchasing HP Potion is as following:

Cost(0)=0.005ETHCost(0) = 0.005 ETH
Cost(1)=Cost(0)(1+IncrPct)=0.005ETH(1+0.5)=0.0075ETHCost(1) = Cost(0) (1 + IncrPct )= 0.005 ETH(1+0.5)= 0.0075 ETH
Cost(2)=Cost(1)(1+IncrPct)=0.0075ETH(1+0.5)=0.01125ETHCost(2) = Cost(1) (1 + IncrPct)= 0.0075 ETH(1+0.5)= 0.01125 ETH

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