Once the Mint Age starts, anyone can join the battle by minting an NFT Hooman with a fee. Each wallet can mint up to 3 Hooman NFTs. The maximum number of Hooman fighters can in the arena is recommended to be 1/3 of the total area.

For example:

If the map is 10x10, its recommended number is 33 Hoomans.

The NFT consists of 4 stats that are pseudo-randomized onchain:

  • HP (90 - 110): Health point is critical for the NFT. If it goes to zero, the NFT is dead and burned.

  • Attack (32 - 42): With higher Attack point, the NFT deals more damage to the opponent.

  • Speed (1 - 50): When the battle between 2 NFTs is initiated, the NFT with higher Speed point attacks first.

  • Shield (30 - 50): Shield is to protect NFT from damage deducting HP. When Shield reaches zero, any damage will deduct directly to HP.

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