Fee Distribution

These fee elements cycle back to the battle to give incentives for players to thrive to be the last survivor. The breakdown is as following:

  • Signup Fees go to the Grand Prize.

  • (100%-%Dev Fee) of the item purchases and Disaster fee go back to the Grand Prize

  • Killing Fee goes to the reward for each kill, including via normal attack, Boundary/Disaster activation. For example: Let’s say the Killing fee is 0.005 ETH and if a player kills 2 other NFTs, the player would receive 0.01 ETH as reward.

  • %Dev Fee goes to the Smart Contract Deployer.

Signup fee, Killing fee, Disaster fee, Incremental Percentage and Development fee are customized by the Organizers.

For details of each event, please see Heal & Shield and Deadly Activation.

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